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I was told prior to watching the movie that they were taking a whole new direction and were finally definitely diverging from the original show.

Well, trying not to spoil any of it, let's say I found the movie's rhythm and construction very similar to the previous one: the first half was, indeed, awesomely new, a beautiful, action-packed version of Evangelion that I'd have loved watching as a complete series.

The second half of the movie, now, very, very strongly reminded me of a dark mix between infamous episode 24 (Kaworu fanboy here, as biased as can be ;)) and the End of Evangelion. The character design and story are slightly different, but the general theme and chain of events are pretty much the same.

Now, I'd only describe my knowledge about the original show as 'slightly above average' and I sure haven't read a significant portion of all the speculations out there. I'm not sure I understood much the movie, first or second half — whatever there is to understand anyway, but hey, that's Evangelion for ya!

However, to someone who's never seen the show, and only movies 1.0 and 2.0, I can only imagine 3.0 to be increasingly confusing. Still, I'm eagerly waiting for the next and last movie, and vaguely expecting some kind of understandable ending. I'm not quite holding my breath, though.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Evangelion:3.0, if only for the visuals, the soundtrack, and all the fan service they promised me at the end of 2.0 and which was, indeed, there all along.

And I'm only slightly depressed!
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