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As usual, this is a game I picked up ages ago, played the hell out of for a few weeks, and then kept on a shelf for the occasional sweet, and sometimes bitter taste. Not quite unlike when you suddenly realize that your rather new bottle of Talisker is half empty, and you'd really like to make it last a bit longer.

That analogy may just apply to me. Anyway. You get the idea.

This is a reason why I don't post much about games: I'm usually so far behind the times I don't really have much to contribute. Yes, that game is indeed beautiful, and yes, it's a great platformer. Kind of tricky at times. If you played it through, you should definitely see the significance of the two achievements I got after a whole morning of trial-and-error.

(If you haven't played the game, it's only an indication that I spent entirely too much time chasing running treasure chests. If you have played the game and just went "Hah, you big newbie, these were a piece of cake!" then you're probably the kind of person who finishes Super Meat Boy with 100% completion and I sort of hate you, but in a very admiring kind of way! Though I will admit, that Livid Boss was pretty easy compared to the whole level I had to get through first.)

Having seen the game's credits twice by now, I should really consider it finished and move on. And that's just not going to happen.

Not until I complete all the remaining challenges. That may yet take another couple years. I find that games like that, not quite unlike my Talisker, age well.

They also last quite a lot longer!


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