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I recently said goodbye to my 30th year. It was a very nice year, really, I thought it deserved to go with a bang! I was planning something pretty standard, you know. Fancy restaurant in Paris. Fine food. Excellent wine. Good friends. Possibly some beer and video games within the same week-end, because, well, I did celebrate the end of my 29th year playing Fez after all.

This last week-end, the setup was pleasantly similar: same fancy restaurant, and almost the same friends. Instead of Fez, Nightwolf and I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time a lot — the original version, on his modded N64 because RGB, woo!

First surprise: I'll have to find a new restaurant for next year. The Tour L is now closed. We actually were there on their very last day, the restaurant now sold, the owner retired. I wasn't the only one to feel a little sad. That place was kind of special to us, in a yearly kind of way.

Second surprise: not only my boyfriend but my friends as well utterly spoiled me. My dear Ferret got me a new wristwatch that will get its own post in a bit so I can properly convey its significance. Our common friend Patrotsk and his wife got me the English edition of Monopoly Deal, and let me tell you that I fully intend to corrupt my colleagues with it on many a lunch break.

And as if that wasn't already a lot, here comes my dear N., she-who-dragged-me-into-WoW, the one and only. A little background here: last time she was at our place, she drew a tiger. The way I write it makes it sound deceivingly mundane, but believe me, it wasn't just any old tiger. It was a GORGEOUS tiger. Made even more so by the fact I could witness the whole process, from the white page to the full, colored picture. I may have drooled a little. I definitely annoyed her with very unsubtle attempts at somehow adopting that tiger, through various flavors of bribery. I do love what she does, and it would have pleased me greatly to be able to hang one of her pieces on my wall.

And yet, when faced with a wrapped present that was about A4-sized, and a few centimeters thick, I was entirely puzzled and clueless... until I opened it to find this glorious piece:

It is now waiting to be hung in my office, somewhere appropriate. I'm thinking just next to my desk, where I can easily look at it.

My dear friends, I can't thank you all enough. Truly, you make growing older such a nice thing!
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