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For reasons actually unrelated to my being a freaking Neon Genesis Evangelion fangirl fanboy, I've had a soft spot for the original soundtracks of the two first 'rebuild' movies, especially the heavy orchestrated parts with a chorus of people indistinctly singing in the background. Usually to compliment a beautifully crafted, if slightly overdone, scene. I have a few favorites that regularly find themselves at the top of my playlist.

Evangelion 1.0 gave us Angel of Doom.

Evangelion 2.0 had several magnificent pieces, such as the epic At The Very Beginning, Destiny, Fate, In My Spirit and Carnage.

Now, apart from a few cute piano duets — Kaworu was involved, along with metric shitloads of fan service, shush — I hadn't quite noticed anything particularly noteworthy while watching Evangelion 3.0, but upon listening to the original soundtrack later, I think I found my favorite for that movie: Out of the Dark. It starts pretty bland but then, around 0:52, it kind of explodes into... a thing. Something. Anything.

I had to fast forward through the movie to find out where that song was. Turns out it was under-mixed and illustrates a rather heavy scene early in the movie.

Now, I'm not even going to try and talk about the tacky or nonsensical lyrics and all their pseudo-religious symbolism. This is Evangelion we're talking about, guys.

But damn does ShirĊ Sagisu know how to pluck at my heartstrings!


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