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Jan. 21st, 2013 02:27 pm
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It's been a while since I last attended Eurofurence, but I think I'm ready to face the road trip, the late nights and the heavy drinking once again... maybe... hopefully!

If anything, I hope to hang out with the few people I only get to see there, and I know I still owe many of them a drink or two.

See you guys this summer!
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... then let it be that I reached 50243 words in a rather narrow finish.

How narrow? Well...

This is still rather better and more regular than last year — began earlier, slow start but then a rather steady 3K words a day until the end. Still, that bit of the story was nearly painful to get out, and yet I'm still not done.

There will be a part 4. I even have a title and a brief synopsis for it! But that'll have to wait until next year. Right now, I'm going to enjoy all that free time I suddenly have. Until Christmas.

And I probably won't write again for a while. While I'm very happy I once again managed to get so many words out of a single month, it really drained me more than my two previous tries.

But the relief, my friends, the relief! TGIO!

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I'm afraid 2011 is going to be one of the least popular years to date among my circles of friends. I just think it was too focused on Belgium and sort of neglected the rest of the world. My dear friends, to most of you, 2011 has been one of the crappiest times in recent history, and you have all my sympathy for it. It's possibly because 2011 was so good to us here.

In 2011, I kicked depression in the nuts, got my own place to call home, stopped smoking, did some exercise (to little avail, but STILL), and put a lot of order in my life in general. I found some enthusiast creativity left in me I was surprised to see. I traveled places, notably Thailand where I learned diving and snuggled with tigers. I had a steady and still pleasant job, my boyfriend and I had great times and enjoyed our eighth year together.

There were a few rough patches, but they all really pale in comparison to what my closest friends went through this year.

So, farewell 2011. My dear friends, I hope 2012 will be as nice and rewarding to you as 2011 was to me, and failing that, I wish you at least a relaxing, even quietly uneventful year. And you're always welcome to Belgium. Our weather is crap, but as long as beer is cheap, life's not too bad!

Happy New Year everyone!

(Nope, no promises for 2012... I'd like to say it will be the year when I finally get my driving license, but we've all heard that before, haven't we?)
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Err, I mean, it was a jolly good ride, old chap.

Harder than last year, with a narrow finish, and I think the general quality of the output isn't quite as good this year. But I overcame a big roadblock in the narration and now got further in the story than I had in the original manuscript, you know, from 15 years ago.

At least when it comes to filling in the blanks.

Now, I need to sleep. But HELL I'm going to do the decadent thing and have a splash of Glenfiddich before going to bed!

Also, for the record, I never thought I'd be able to write most of 50K words while listening to Stupeflip... Go figure!
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Put in about 5K words tonight. I think I deserved some Skyward Sword! *nods*
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... though this isn't a completely accurate depiction of reality: I do love watching The Lion King 1½ and I'm not that heartless.

The full story, by my beloved ferret, is here. It's all true, I was there!
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... I got to a slow start for NaNoWriMo. About 2000 words during the train trip between CPH airport and some station in Sweden, just like last year.

It's going to be a tight finish again, if I do make it, and contrary to last year, I'm not sure how it'll end — I'm also afraid it'll end in a 'to be continued' because it's really a three-part story anyway.

Bah, thing is: we broke the 1 word barrier, let's see how much more poor teenage fantasy I can spit out in 20 days. If only to FINALLY get it out of my system. :)
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Still on an extended smoking break...

I did have a couple moments of weakness but I have NOT bought any cigarettes in the last six months!
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"So long, Kid... Maybe I'll see you in the next one."

Second run, second ending, still in tears, still want to play it through one more time. Damn it!
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"I'd like to say I'll never forget him, or what he's doing... what he's done. I surely would."

I just completed the first run of Bastion. I can't remember a game ending that ever got me so teary. That one may not be the most original, but it's really, truly beautiful!
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Honestly, where is a quiet, cool and dark cave when you really need one?
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So I recently acquired second-hand computer parts from Sweden, but that is another story to tell. The main point is that I started playing on PC again, while I usually only played on consoles.

And it turns out that one of these consoles games I'd have bought was kindly released on Steam...

Bastion: Hand-painted Action-Adventure gooodness

So I've been spending most of my evenings on Bastion of late, and my eyes and ears are having a blast! I know I sound like an old coot when I bitch about how useless 3D is in most situations. Well, Bastion is beautiful 2D (well, to be fair, it's sort of isometric), it's got a crisp, not all that old school gameplay, and the soundtrack is the kind I love — and buy, incidentally.

As far as aesthetics go, this game is my new Odin Sphere, except it's much more addictive!
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Well, I'll be damned! If you count leading/trailing zeroes, you can find 0x0820258 = 8520280 but even then, there is no other number with such properties up to a billion (109) so far.

I think I'm going slightly mad.
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So a colleague wrote an innocent enough post on his favorite social network page, at coffee break this morning. It was innocuous enough:

"0x35 = 53"

Now, if you're a normal person, you'll probably go: "Huh?"

If you're a normal person who just happens to know what hexadecimal is, you may go: "Hey, that's true! Amusing."

If you're enough of a nerd, you may have gone: "Well, DUH!"

Now, I'm a software engineer, so of course, my reaction was: "Hey, neat! I wonder how often that phenomenon occurs for, say, numbers up to a million. Quick, to the Python prompt!"

About one minute and half later, I had figured out how to compute that the quick and dirty way in Python. It took about half another minute for my poor computer to crunch the numbers and come up with the rather disappointingly short list:

0x35    =    53
0x173   =   371
0x1415  =  5141
0x18499 = 99481

(Technically, the list also contains numbers 0 to 9, but that's the boring trivial case.)

Funnily enough, the results are the same for numbers up to a billion — it took my computer a bit longer to figure that one out.

The line of Python code used to come up with these results was — gotta love list comprehension:

["0x%X = %d" % (n,n) for n in range(1000000000) if "%X" % n == ("%d" % n)[::-1]]

(EDIT: Of course, it is terribly suboptimal. Every number whose hexadecimal representation contains the symbols A to F is never going to meet the conditions anyway and should be skipped early. Same for number with trailing zeroes. And so on... Look, I did that real quick, all right? :))

Sigh. The things I do for fun... I should really be ashamed. And, no, I honestly didn't expect anyone out there to find that interesting either, but... y'know... That was quick, cheap and easy fun! :)
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My dear ferret depicting us on the famous Morning After. And if you want to know after what, you'll have to pay your round too! ;)

Morning After at the Foxes'

That scruffy tiger is SO going to be one of my new user pics from now on!
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It's just a break... so far!

I managed a two-week break so far. Let's see how much longer I can go without nicotine.
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I have no idea what's going on these last couple days. I've been unusually awake, to the point of being particularly hyper, today. I'm productive at work, but my brain also randomly spits out craziness, as this very post's title implies.

Friends suggested it could be some kind of side-effect from nicotine withdrawal, utter lack of sleep, abuse of weird substances, but I truly don't know...

... in the mean time, I've been typing old-school C code like crazy since early this morning, and I definitely have the gleeful chortles!!!

(Maybe I just shouldn't play Bowser's Inside Story before bed when I'm tipsy... Maybe I'm just turning into some kind of Fawful, which would explain the hyper, the chortles and the mad smile. Heeeeeey!)
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Moving out to my own place.

Yep, I signed my first real renting contract at 28...
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This is not a rant, nor gloomy thoughts about the vast emptiness of life, nor some kind of stress-relief post, for once.

Nope, it actually looks like the week is starting well, things at Work are Working today, the weather is freezing but fair and the free soup we get here for lunch looks delicious today.

I should spend more week-ends sleeping and clearing my mind with useless entertainment. I wish you people a brilliant week as well, here are some free good waves, for all it's worth. You know, karmic small change and stuff...
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