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Gandi restarted all their services — an admittedly internal screwup — and Hisoka just came back up. Oh well, more than 200 days of uptime wasn't bad, and from comments I've read here and there, it's their first major downtime for VPS in ages...

And they gave regular updates and explanations.

(Not mentioning that, apart from not being able to get my mail for a couple hours, there is really not much harm done ;))

Back to normal, then!
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Looks like Gandi servers have been set on fire somehow, hence all and resources are down for now.

More details here:

The main server should be back up sometime within the next couple hours at most, according to what Gandi says.

I was pretty happy with their service so far, let's hope that kind of downtime doesn't happen again anytime soon.
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We came back down to France this week-end to spend a few days at [ profile] balinares and [ profile] jallora's, along with Nightwolf&Co. Being still jobless, I took a few extra days off to see friends, and to stop by my mum's and be social.

I also brought back Xheotris with me, the old laptop. It's been cleaned up, and is now happily purring in my old bedroom, as a new secondary server to replace Shinji. I've always wanted to use a laptop as a personal server. First off, it's much less bulky. Then, it won't mind a little power cut thanks to its own internal battery. At last, if I need to tinker with it physically, no need to go fishing for a keyboard and screen, I just have to open the laptop and I have all I need.

And now I'm back in that old bedroom, tinkering with web servers and firewalls, just like I used to, about barely four or five years ago. If I didn't have to catch a train back to Brussels tomorrow, it'd almost feel like I was back to being a student all over again. Doesn't quite feel like home to me anymore either, tho. But then again, no place really does, of late... :)
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After using hisoka as my main SMTP server for a couple months, I decided to make it the main MX for Any mail addressed to <whomever> should now be handled by hisoka directly — once DNS entries are updated.

If you have an address, I strongly suggest testing it in the next couple days and writing to support-accounts if you experience any problem.

To Amen Networks' credit, I haven't any mail bounce or get lost recently, but they don't run Postgrey nor do they offer plenty of little things I can now handle myself. So long then!


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