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Moving out to my own place.

Yep, I signed my first real renting contract at 28...

Settling in

Jul. 7th, 2009 06:33 pm
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It's been a week since I permanently moved in to our new place, and it's only beginning to look livable again — for the record, I moved all my stuff to [ profile] unblue's flat about three weeks ago, leaving him with a heap of boxes, planks and other stuff before running back to France to take care of the last little things. I still need to realize this is my new home too. It still feels like I'm crashing at my lover's for an indeterminate amount of time.

By now, pretty much everything has found its final resting place, roughly, though we'll need another quick trip to Ikea to buy a good stand for the TV and consoles. The new piano should be moving in next week. We'll also need curtains. And somewhere to put all these shoes — how in Hell did two guys end up with a dozen pairs of shoes?!

All in all, my beloved boyfriend and I set up our respective desks, each in a quiet corner of the appartment, all computers have net access now, the old TV and old SNES work, so, hey, life is good, right? :)

Now, I need to deal with all the local paperwork. And to take driving lessons. And to get a new passport. And to find a job. Oh and there is still french paperwork I need to tackle down — c'mon guys, gimme that unemployment money already, it's only for three months anyway :)

Hey, at least I don't smoke anymore — for now. I finished my last pack about a week ago and I haven't felt the need to buy a fresh one yet.

Like [ profile] balinares said, it's good to let in some fresh air in your life, especially when it smells of beer, chocolate, waffles and fries!
Heya Belgium!


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