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I can't say I've been in touch with the furry fandom much these last few years, and I may even go as far as saying that my interest in it has been growing fainter with time. I mean, were my boyfriend not pretty active in the community and a furry artist, I'd barely see anthropomorphic critters much anymore.

And yet, that's probably the reason why Eurofurence 19 has been the best Furry convention I've ever been to so far!

I barely attended any panel, except Kage's show and a couple ones on puppetry and voice acting. I skipped the pawpet show and the fursuit parade. I barely browsed the art show.

What, then? Well..

I hung out around a fair amount of room parties.

I spent an ungodly amount of time at the pool and sauna.

I got to see my dear friend Raider again and catch up on things.

I've had the pleasure of tagging along the British crowd a lot.

I sat down in the lobby with Cards Against Humanity and had hours of horrible, horrible fun.

I willingly and happily drank homemade Hungarian wine directly out of a plastic bottle.

I had decent food, decent sleep, didn't feel hungover once and still never had the feeling I was missing out on something.

I got a tiger drawn on my hand in sharpie and found the perfect design for my next tattoo all in a single smoke break.

I lied, cheated and spoke the Chairman's name in vain. Thank you Wesley!

Most of this I could probably have done outside the context of a furry convention. I still don't think I could have had that much fun anywhere else than Eurofurence. My big regret is not getting to hang out with the German pack much — I barely spoke to [ profile] footpad and only waved at [ profile] akeela and [ profile] draugvorn from afar. I hope to do that next time.

So, yeah, I think I can honestly say I came for the fur and stayed for the people. Thank you guys, see you next year in Berlin!


Also, you know it's an awesome room party when Grandma Kage herself shows up. True story!


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