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I seem to go out to movies often lately (read: three times in the last month or so, this is more than in the past two years) and all for the best!

Well, 'best' may not be the word there, but most (if not all) people around me know I just can't be objective when it comes to Evangelion. So I won't try to be. I'm just back from seeing Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone and let's say I'm quite satisfied!

Biased pseudo-review with lots of spoilers behind the cut )

So I'll at least be happy that the movie was so beautiful — honestly, regardless of what they did to the story, it's visually great, both close to the original design, but with modern techniques that made the series' look age quite nicely. And I'll be watching the next three movies when they come out.

Interestingly enough, we watched it in a 400-seats projection room, in which we must have been, oh, about 40 people tops. Yay for geeks!
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It was only shown in 24 theaters in France, now 22, and it's probably going to be completely forgotten within a couple weeks. You could think it was yet another movie about vampires.

Well, maybe, but it was a good one.

You should go check if you can still see Let The Right One In (called Morse in French) at some theater in your neighborhood.

It's swedish, rather contemplative most of the time, and quite oppressive overall. It's about a terribly moving, youthful friendship. It pokes at sensitive social topics, hitting sore spots more than once. And somewhere in there comes a vampire. There is little action, no big explosions, there is no real cool factor whatsoever1. Just a cold, almost clinical and disturbingly realistic vision of what being a vampire child in the eighties could have been like.

I'm aware it may sound boring, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Held my breath on several occasions. Felt uneasy at times. Yep, cried at the end too.

It felt good to see a serious, adult movie for once. Now, if you go see it and still tell me you walked out of the theater bored to tears, then I apologize, but I truly think you missed out on something :)

1. Yeah well, I've also seen Twilight recently, can you tell? ;)


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