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It's not that I really mind working with libxml... I do hate XML with a passion, and for a lot of reasons that are completely irrelevant to this post.

What really irks me is that the online documentation is ugly and, most of all, difficult, even borderline painful to read. Honestly, have a look at and remember the glorious days of RTC modems and Netscape...

So, yeah, the 90's faxed, they want their FrontPage floppy disk back!
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Wow, has it been this long since the end of january already? Four months and some change spent working at what is no longer a new job, really. I'm going through rough times of late, but it's still nice.

I described my former job as similar to your usual RPG, this one, right now, makes me think of a kitchen. A big, weird, disorganized kitchen...

What if you were a baker at my company? )

I'm not such a big fan of cakes, and I sure am not good at baking them. This is one reason why I work with computers. But honestly, sometimes it feels a bit similar!

That's it!

Apr. 28th, 2009 05:36 pm
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Yep, from now on and until my contract ends, I'm not going to work on Mondays anymore.

Yay for extra days off the company doesn't want to have to pay!
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I just counted today, less than two months away from quitting, I actually only have 38 days of work left.

And still 14 days off to take, so in the end I only have 24 days left.

Now if I could just let support requests pile up in a corner for the next two months...
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... and the only thing I can bring myself to care about is how to delay all that shit just long enough that I'll be gone from the company when it does hit the fan.

I still have 82 days left to be a professional again, and hopefully save the poor sod who'll have to do my job when I'm gone some trouble.
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9870 done.

8900 to go.

My brain just shut itself off and is currently running on automatic. Please call back later.
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... be it an incredibly nerdy and insignificant one.

If you remember, we have a crappy old workstation which is vital for my job — oooh yeah, so very vital, as I'm spending virtually all my workdays using it, of late. I keep trying to get rid of it, I've got the software part running in an emulator, but there is a piece of hardware we still need, namely, a rather old1 Mac modem apparently made in France if you'd believe such a thing. It's got a very specific card reader/writer in it2, this is the only reason why we bother with it.

That old piece of junk only worked with the Macintosh workstation, with a rather intricate, proprietary cable.

Well, I finally got it to work on my regular PC with a standard parallel cable, a parallel-to-serial converter, and my good old faithful pyserial module3.

Now I just have to write a nice little communication library — and I actually love doing that — and then, bye bye obsolete workstation.

Of course, that modem is dying, and will just pass away sooner or later — probably sooner than later, of course — but until then, it can be used on any workstation we want, and that will be MUCH more convenient.

Small victory, but hey, I'll take any I can get!

1. Well, by my standards, a modem made in 1989 ought to be considered old.
2. You may be wondering why in Hell this modem comes with a specific card reader/writer. We did too. Then we've been told that it was so that you could update the modem's firmware with a smartcard. At which point we all shrugged and went 'eh, whatever'!
3. Honestly, that module is my swiss-army knife at work, I couldn't live without it!
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Sometimes my job is just like a video game. Some kind of Heroic-Fantasy RPG.

All Characters And Situations Purely Fictional. Not By Much, Tho )

For the record, the actual Age Old Spell was: enable 'R' mode before editing resources, fill in the undocumented 'Extras' field with a value which is specified in a documentation you don't have, then take the generated string of bytes, add 0x08 to byte 6 and decrease byte 1 by 0x01.

I've been working on that (the Spell, not that post) all day. On the one hand, it annoys me a lot to have to reinvent the wheel, whereas three, maybe four extra sentences in the documentation would have made this trivial.

On the other hand... DAMN I rock, sometimes!
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How do you call something that's been working so perfectly for the past ten years that nobody ever felt the need to touch it?



Let me explain...

What I was paid for this afternoon... (warning, quite technical) )

Honestly, I may be less of a geek than I used to be, but you can't deny that sometimes the simplest console tools are the best for a job like that.

It was easy, and somehow gratifying, in a "I knew it'd work" kind of way.


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