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Summer isn't my kind of season. I'm seldom at my best in summer. If anything, I've been particularly depressed when temperatures started steadily rising above 25°C, a few weeks ago.

We've been looking into air conditioning, but our Western European culture isn't quite familiar with the whole concept. Sure, you can find a few models of portable AC units, but you'll also find out very soon that your apartment offers no satisfactory way to connect the hose to anything.

After a lot of thought, I finally figured out I could probably build my own solution. I love little DIY projects like that, and it kept my mind busy for a few days.
Overly verbose, primitive engineering ensues. Planks are involved! )

So, we have YET to buy the portable unit, but our apartment is, at least, going to be compatible with it now.

And I'll spend the summer sleeping under the covers again ♥!
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(This is Python stuff. You should probably just move along.)

>>> from LogTree import *
>>> from TagRules import *
>>> tr = TagRules({'backlog': TagRules.F_ENCLOSING})
>>> lt = LogTree(file("../test/TestMUSH_20120810_1943.log", "r"), tr)
>>> lt.root.display()

I'm stupidly proud of the output... )

Yeah, I'm still trying to automate RP transcript cleanup, sorting and tagging (or, occasionally, deleting.) If only in the vague hope that I may someday have a nice, edited collection of my old PernMUSH logs.

You know, for old times' sake!
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Just got back to work, where a hefty box was waiting for me.

So I got my hardcover copy of the Digger Omnibus, and it's GORGEOUS. I kind of feel guilty for not leaving the dust jacket on, but the book itself is just too pretty.

And now I'm back to implementing a communication protocol in C++. I dare say the new year at work is already looking nice! :)
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Goodbye 2013, a productive and inherently busy year. Among the good things, I got my driving license, my first car and I finished a novel. Work was good and plentiful albeit maybe a shade more stressful than last year.

This all incidentally made for a rather hectic last couple months that culminated with the organizational mess that Christmas time usually is.

Lots of ground was covered, lots of people seen and lots of fun had. Then the rest of the year brutally caught up with me and I had a minor breakdown right before new year's eve.

I skipped the new year party altogether and we went home early. I'm back in my den and my comfort zone now, I'm feeling better. I'll just recharge for a bit.

Happy new year, my friends! To those I missed this time, I profusely apologize, I'll make it up to you!

In the mean time, may 2014 not suck for you in all the ways 2013 didn't suck for me!
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42940 words down. Barely 7000 to go. With about a week left. For the first and last time since I started participating in NaNoWriMo, I'm ahead!

I'm actually seeing the end of the story coming, now. It's not a very interesting end, nor a very entertaining one, and it's only been decided pretty recently.

Still, that bloody story has been calling for an actual ending, any ending, for freaking ever.

Came down with a cold today. See if that stops me, lazy T-cells!

Not sure I'm looking forward to the editing, though.
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I like the fact the NaNoWriMo website now stores novels statistics. It makes me realize how much more disciplined I've gotten over the years. But I was bothered by the fact I didn't have the word count statistics for the very first year I did it.

Well, thanks to versioning and scripting, I could roughly reconstruct the cumulative word count!

for rev in {46..59}
    DATE=`svn log -q -r $rev | head -n 2 | tail -n 1 | cut -d '|' -f 3-4`
    COUNT=`svn cat against_the_tide.txt@$rev | wc -w`
    echo r$rev: $DATE - $COUNT

r46: 2010-11-19 16:24:51 +0100 (ven., 19 nov. 2010) - 1341
r47: 2010-11-20 03:35:55 +0100 (sam., 20 nov. 2010) - 10037
r48: 2010-11-21 03:01:11 +0100 (dim., 21 nov. 2010) - 15073
r49: 2010-11-22 00:45:24 +0100 (lun., 22 nov. 2010) - 22610
r50: 2010-11-22 18:32:46 +0100 (lun., 22 nov. 2010) - 24125
r51: 2010-11-23 02:29:03 +0100 (mar., 23 nov. 2010) - 30129
r52: 2010-11-23 17:39:42 +0100 (mar., 23 nov. 2010) - 30183
r53: 2010-11-24 01:32:04 +0100 (mer., 24 nov. 2010) - 34858
r54: 2010-11-25 02:14:36 +0100 (jeu., 25 nov. 2010) - 38522
r55: 2010-11-25 02:30:24 +0100 (jeu., 25 nov. 2010) - 38609
r56: 2010-11-25 23:44:56 +0100 (jeu., 25 nov. 2010) - 39294
r57: 2010-11-26 00:10:21 +0100 (ven., 26 nov. 2010) - 39309
r58: 2010-11-28 17:10:23 +0100 (dim., 28 nov. 2010) - 51159
r59: 2010-11-28 17:22:25 +0100 (dim., 28 nov. 2010) - 51159

Now I was starting from a story I already knew intimately, but I still managed to spit it out in ten fucking days.

Boy, was I inspired back then!
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Reached 3900 before bed tonight. Much better start than the last two years. This story is still going to be a pain to get out.

So far, Stupeflip and Shpongle are still proving to be excellent motivating music. Tananas just joined the playlist and is very promising.

Still more than 4000 words behind but catching up.
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November, its long week-ends, its challenges...

All prepped up for NaNoWriMo again this year... as usual, I'll try to get started this week-end, somewhere between Belgium and Sweden. Might not be the easiest time to write. Neither will be our extended week-end in Prague after that.

Yep, gonna be a long month. Then again, I got started almost two weeks late two years ago and still made it. Let's hope I'll finally manage to put an end to that story.

Then, there will be the editing, but that's another story entirely...
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"I could probably have slept it off if the Police hadn't rung the doorbell around 9."
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I can't say I've been in touch with the furry fandom much these last few years, and I may even go as far as saying that my interest in it has been growing fainter with time. I mean, were my boyfriend not pretty active in the community and a furry artist, I'd barely see anthropomorphic critters much anymore.

And yet, that's probably the reason why Eurofurence 19 has been the best Furry convention I've ever been to so far!

I barely attended any panel, except Kage's show and a couple ones on puppetry and voice acting. I skipped the pawpet show and the fursuit parade. I barely browsed the art show.

What, then? Well..

I hung out around a fair amount of room parties.

I spent an ungodly amount of time at the pool and sauna.

I got to see my dear friend Raider again and catch up on things.

I've had the pleasure of tagging along the British crowd a lot.

I sat down in the lobby with Cards Against Humanity and had hours of horrible, horrible fun.

I willingly and happily drank homemade Hungarian wine directly out of a plastic bottle.

I had decent food, decent sleep, didn't feel hungover once and still never had the feeling I was missing out on something.

I got a tiger drawn on my hand in sharpie and found the perfect design for my next tattoo all in a single smoke break.

I lied, cheated and spoke the Chairman's name in vain. Thank you Wesley!

Most of this I could probably have done outside the context of a furry convention. I still don't think I could have had that much fun anywhere else than Eurofurence. My big regret is not getting to hang out with the German pack much — I barely spoke to [ profile] footpad and only waved at [ profile] akeela and [ profile] draugvorn from afar. I hope to do that next time.

So, yeah, I think I can honestly say I came for the fur and stayed for the people. Thank you guys, see you next year in Berlin!


Also, you know it's an awesome room party when Grandma Kage herself shows up. True story!
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Happy International Tiger Day everyone! Let's try and keep the stripes going for a little while longer!
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For reasons actually unrelated to my being a freaking Neon Genesis Evangelion fangirl fanboy, I've had a soft spot for the original soundtracks of the two first 'rebuild' movies, especially the heavy orchestrated parts with a chorus of people indistinctly singing in the background. Usually to compliment a beautifully crafted, if slightly overdone, scene. I have a few favorites that regularly find themselves at the top of my playlist.

Evangelion 1.0 gave us Angel of Doom.

Evangelion 2.0 had several magnificent pieces, such as the epic At The Very Beginning, Destiny, Fate, In My Spirit and Carnage.

Now, apart from a few cute piano duets — Kaworu was involved, along with metric shitloads of fan service, shush — I hadn't quite noticed anything particularly noteworthy while watching Evangelion 3.0, but upon listening to the original soundtrack later, I think I found my favorite for that movie: Out of the Dark. It starts pretty bland but then, around 0:52, it kind of explodes into... a thing. Something. Anything.

I had to fast forward through the movie to find out where that song was. Turns out it was under-mixed and illustrates a rather heavy scene early in the movie.

Now, I'm not even going to try and talk about the tacky or nonsensical lyrics and all their pseudo-religious symbolism. This is Evangelion we're talking about, guys.

But damn does Shirō Sagisu know how to pluck at my heartstrings!
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I can't remember exactly when I got my first wristwatch. I think it may have been sometime around 3rd grade, when I was nine or ten. Back then, watches were silly things you wore to show off that A. you were kind of a big boy now and B. you were smart enough to decipher the analog display.

Long and boring introspective about time and stuff... )
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I recently said goodbye to my 30th year. It was a very nice year, really, I thought it deserved to go with a bang! I was planning something pretty standard, you know. Fancy restaurant in Paris. Fine food. Excellent wine. Good friends. Possibly some beer and video games within the same week-end, because, well, I did celebrate the end of my 29th year playing Fez after all.

This last week-end, the setup was pleasantly similar: same fancy restaurant, and almost the same friends. Instead of Fez, Nightwolf and I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time a lot — the original version, on his modded N64 because RGB, woo!

First surprise: I'll have to find a new restaurant for next year. The Tour L is now closed. We actually were there on their very last day, the restaurant now sold, the owner retired. I wasn't the only one to feel a little sad. That place was kind of special to us, in a yearly kind of way.

Second surprise: not only my boyfriend but my friends as well utterly spoiled me. My dear Ferret got me a new wristwatch that will get its own post in a bit so I can properly convey its significance. Our common friend Patrotsk and his wife got me the English edition of Monopoly Deal, and let me tell you that I fully intend to corrupt my colleagues with it on many a lunch break.

And as if that wasn't already a lot, here comes my dear N., she-who-dragged-me-into-WoW, the one and only. A little background here: last time she was at our place, she drew a tiger. The way I write it makes it sound deceivingly mundane, but believe me, it wasn't just any old tiger. It was a GORGEOUS tiger. Made even more so by the fact I could witness the whole process, from the white page to the full, colored picture. I may have drooled a little. I definitely annoyed her with very unsubtle attempts at somehow adopting that tiger, through various flavors of bribery. I do love what she does, and it would have pleased me greatly to be able to hang one of her pieces on my wall.

And yet, when faced with a wrapped present that was about A4-sized, and a few centimeters thick, I was entirely puzzled and clueless... until I opened it to find this glorious piece:

It is now waiting to be hung in my office, somewhere appropriate. I'm thinking just next to my desk, where I can easily look at it.

My dear friends, I can't thank you all enough. Truly, you make growing older such a nice thing!
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As usual, this is a game I picked up ages ago, played the hell out of for a few weeks, and then kept on a shelf for the occasional sweet, and sometimes bitter taste. Not quite unlike when you suddenly realize that your rather new bottle of Talisker is half empty, and you'd really like to make it last a bit longer.

That analogy may just apply to me. Anyway. You get the idea.

This is a reason why I don't post much about games: I'm usually so far behind the times I don't really have much to contribute. Yes, that game is indeed beautiful, and yes, it's a great platformer. Kind of tricky at times. If you played it through, you should definitely see the significance of the two achievements I got after a whole morning of trial-and-error.

(If you haven't played the game, it's only an indication that I spent entirely too much time chasing running treasure chests. If you have played the game and just went "Hah, you big newbie, these were a piece of cake!" then you're probably the kind of person who finishes Super Meat Boy with 100% completion and I sort of hate you, but in a very admiring kind of way! Though I will admit, that Livid Boss was pretty easy compared to the whole level I had to get through first.)

Having seen the game's credits twice by now, I should really consider it finished and move on. And that's just not going to happen.

Not until I complete all the remaining challenges. That may yet take another couple years. I find that games like that, not quite unlike my Talisker, age well.

They also last quite a lot longer!
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Honestly, what's the worst, here? That I'm writing dirty, dirty MUSH code in 2013? On a Friday evening? Alone with a beer? In a text editor for which I created a specific syntax highlighting configuration?

Or maybe the fact I'm having so much FUN doing it?
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I was told prior to watching the movie that they were taking a whole new direction and were finally definitely diverging from the original show.

Well, trying not to spoil any of it, let's say I found the movie's rhythm and construction very similar to the previous one: the first half was, indeed, awesomely new, a beautiful, action-packed version of Evangelion that I'd have loved watching as a complete series.

The second half of the movie, now, very, very strongly reminded me of a dark mix between infamous episode 24 (Kaworu fanboy here, as biased as can be ;)) and the End of Evangelion. The character design and story are slightly different, but the general theme and chain of events are pretty much the same.

Now, I'd only describe my knowledge about the original show as 'slightly above average' and I sure haven't read a significant portion of all the speculations out there. I'm not sure I understood much the movie, first or second half — whatever there is to understand anyway, but hey, that's Evangelion for ya!

However, to someone who's never seen the show, and only movies 1.0 and 2.0, I can only imagine 3.0 to be increasingly confusing. Still, I'm eagerly waiting for the next and last movie, and vaguely expecting some kind of understandable ending. I'm not quite holding my breath, though.

That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed Evangelion:3.0, if only for the visuals, the soundtrack, and all the fan service they promised me at the end of 2.0 and which was, indeed, there all along.

And I'm only slightly depressed!
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While I wouldn't say all of that stuff is exactly common knowledge, most people brave enough to be around me when I'm in a geeky mood still know about a few things: that I love Python, that I love C, that I hate Oracle and anything it touches, that I hate Java (see previous statement) and that, having to use it at work, I'm really not fond of the Eclipse IDE.

(If none of what I just wrote makes any sense to you, please do not be alarmed, it's perfectly natural. Just smile, wave and cautiously back up until you're out of sight and earshot. I promise I won't take offense. :))

Otherwise, read more and laugh at me... )
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It's not that I really mind working with libxml... I do hate XML with a passion, and for a lot of reasons that are completely irrelevant to this post.

What really irks me is that the online documentation is ugly and, most of all, difficult, even borderline painful to read. Honestly, have a look at and remember the glorious days of RTC modems and Netscape...

So, yeah, the 90's faxed, they want their FrontPage floppy disk back!
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It's weird to suddenly realize, while checking the man page for rindex() — and subsequently for strrchr(), since the former is apparently deprecated — that pretty much all I know about C-strings and the functions to deal with them, I learned while hacking away at the source code of TinyMUSH 3, back when I knew nothing about Unicode, character sets, Linux or, in fact, programming in general, and we were trying to come up with a French-friendly version of the server.


Honestly, sometimes I'm amazed that I ever had sex.
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